Superman 240 – the help of I Ching, and the perils of Kryptonian time travel


Superman is having a rough time in issue 240 (July 1971), thanks to O’Neil, Swan and Anderson.


Superman comes to help out at a burning building, and though he helps evacuate those trapped inside, he does not have the strength to prevent the building from collapsing.  The criminal element in Metropolis has also started to notice that Superman is not up to par, and are getting more aggressive.


Wonder Woman’s new mentor, I Ching, pops by to help out, and offers to put Superman into a trance, so his astral body can seek out a solution to his problem.


But the mob gets wind up this, and show up, attacking both Superman and I Ching.  Superman is so drained that his invulnerability is gone, and only his costume saves his life in the fight.  He wins, but considers this the most difficult fight he was ever in.

The story continues in the next issue.


Cary Bates and Mike Kaluta share the Fabulous World of Krypton tale in this issue, which deals with a devious criminal plot.  A young scientist steals a number of devices through the course of this story.


His overall scheme is not clear at first, but eventually we learn that he is scheduled for a time trip into the past, to an era when Krypton was ruled by a military dictator whom he admires.  He plans to stay in that era, and profit of his “futuristic” devices.


But he uses an illusion-caster on the voyage, to make himself look like the dictator.  This affects the time trip, and sends him 50 years into the future, instead of the past.  But 50 years in the future Krypton no longer exists, and he perishes in the void of space.

Honestly didn’t see that ending coming.



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