Superman 250 – Terra-Man returns


Terra-Man is back in Superman 250 (April 1972), as Bates, Swan and Anderson follow up the previous issue’s story.


Nova, Terra-Man’s flying horse, shows what it is capable of as it breaks its master out of jail to open the story.


And once again Terra-Man goes on a visually dynamic rampage through Metropolis.


As the cover shows, his main weapon in this tale is a brand that he marks Superman with, one that causes him to age rapidly, every time he uses his powers.  Superman overcomes this with the help of a minor supporting character, who diverts Terra-Man’s attention.  By remaining still and calm while the other man risks his life, Superman reverses the aging process, and then confronts Terra-Man quickly and directly, before the brand can start working again.

Terra-Man returns later in the year for a third outing against the Man of Steel.


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