Superman 253 – Billy Anders and his pet lynx debut


One of the more irritating characters to be brought into the Superman’s books at this time was Billy Anders, a young boy who lives in the same apartment building as Clark Kent, and who owns a pet lynx, introduced by O’Neil, Swan and Anderson in Superman 253 (June 1972).


The story also brings back Ferlin Nyxly, who has been searching for either his old magical harp, or some other equally powerful artifact.  He has gone out into the desert, where the harp was found, and comes across an odd alien building.  This place exists somewhat out of phase with reality, and Superman has a difficult time finding it later in the story.  But Nyxly gets some new armor, and a slingshot weapon, and goes seeking vengeance on the hero.


An absurd sequence of events results in Billy acquiring a mental link with his pet lynx, although the boy himself gets injured and is bedridden.


Superman goes to check on the comatose boy, and finds that Billy is able to communicate through his cat, letting Superman know about Nyxly’s new weapon.


Superman bests Nyxly, and finds the alien building, encountering a fading image of the Martian Manhunter.  This loosely leads into their team-up story in the following issue of World’s Finest.

Billy Anders and his lynx will stick around for a couple of years, to my dismay.


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