Superman 259 – Billy Anders and the lynx get in the way of a Terra-Man story


Billy Anders is back, along with his lynx, in the Bates, Swan and Anderson story from Superman 259 (Dec. 72).


The best part of the story deals with Terra-Man.  He makes an impressive escape from prison, teleporting the prison itself away from him.


He gets into battle with Superman, and has a lasso that appears to sever Superman in half.  It’s a cool scene, and not in any way improved when Superman has to visualize a lynx to get the power to fight back.


Terra-Man can tell that something is up with Superman, and learns about Billy.  The boy has started manifesting bruises, a result of the super-energies he is storing.


So Terra-Man takes the lynx away and puts it in a “telepathic cage,” which means neither Superman nor Billy now remember the animal ever existed.  Apparently being separated from the lynx no longer puts Billy in a coma.


This all means that the big climactic battle between Superman and Terra-Man involves the hero and the kid trying to recall the lynx, until the finally succeed.  Gag.

Thankfully, this all gets undone at the end of this tale, giving Superman his powers back.  You can tell that reader response to the first story was not positive.


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One thought on “Superman 259 – Billy Anders and the lynx get in the way of a Terra-Man story

  1. Ismael M.Saeed January 27, 2017 at 8:59 am Reply

    Thank God that this triple partnership is over!


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