Superman 262 – Superman destroys a building, and the Marigold twins debut


A dramatic image on the cover of Superman 262 (March 1973).


The story itself, by Maggin, Swan and Anderson, is serviceable.  It deals with a Greek millionaire, likely inspired by Aristotle Onassis (though I’m just going by self-made Greek tycoon on that), builds a new skyscraper in Metropolis, but the building seems out to get him.


There is an alien life form behind it, taking over the millionaire’s body, and already inhabiting the building itself.  It takes Superman a while to figure out what is going on, but once he does, all he has to do is fulfill the cover image to save the millionaire.


The same creative team provide the Private Life of Clark Kent story, which introduces two more of his neighbours, twin sisters April and May Marigold.  In this story, the girls have telepathic powers, although those abilities are starting to wane.


Clark Kent interviews them for a WGBS show, Stranger than Fiction, but during the taping becomes aware that the balcony on the auditorium is about to collapse.  He shorts out the lights, allowing the girls to see the balcony.  And once they see it, they foretell its collapse, and people flee in time.

The twins also announce that this was their final burst of telepathy.  Good thing, or Clark would not feel nearly so comfortable around them.

Of all the neighbours that get introduced, the Marigold twins make the most frequent appearances over the next decade.


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