Superman 263 – a wolf melts Superman, and birthday tears


I’m not convinced that the photo element adds anything to the cover of Superman 263 (April 1973).


Superman raises the ire of an irresponsible film director in this story by Maggin, Swan and Anderson.  After publicly humiliating the man, the director wants vengeance against the hero.


The director answers an ad by a scientist named Dr. Phoenix, who brings the director’s dreams, of creating a giant mythological wolf to kill Superman, to life.  Although Phoenix uses scientific means, he is also well versed in magic and mythology, resurrecting the legendary wolf.


Superman dives right into the wolf, destroying the glowing pentagon powering it.  The director is left a babbling madman, but Phoenix continues to scheme against Superman.

Percy Bratten is back in a small role in this tale.


Bates, Dillin and McLaughlin explore the reason Kryptonians cry every sixth birthday in this Fabulous World of Krypton story.


The reason dates far back into the past of Krypton, which apparently was a society where people never expressed any emotions.  The pent-up feelings would erupt in destructive bursts.


Rather than simply deal with their emotions, a scientist created a fluid that would allow Kryptonians to go on suppressing their feelings, but prevent the emotional build-up by crying out the destructive energy through tears every six years.

What a messed up culture.


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