Superman 265 – Perry White on the story


Perry White, largely sidelined since the introduction of Morgan Edge, gets to take centre stage in the Maggin, Swan and Anderson story from Superman 265 (July 1973).


Edge shows himself at his worst, demanding that Perry prove himself, his Pulitzer Prize being twenty years old. What have you done for me lately?


Perry is upset, and talks with Clark about the situation.  But he also decides to show Edge what he can do.  He spots two young people wearing gloves on a hot summer day, and thinks there must be a story in that.  He is more right than he imagines, but when he approaches the kids, they repel him with a force blast.


Clark changes to Superman, but to is surprise, the force blasts are able to repel him as well.


Steve Lombard has a small role in this story, a scene that will set the pattern for many of his appearances in this decade.  He attempts to humiliate Clark in front of the WGBS staff, but Clark turns the tables on Steve, and he gets made a fool of instead.


Anyway, back to the story.  Perry White keeps digging, with Superman’s help, and they uncover a secret military base, mutant children, and a madman named Callixto who has been manipulating the kids, forming them into an army through which he intends to conquer the world.  Superman destroys Callixto’s plan, and machines, and frees the children.


Perry White gets to broadcast the story, although a more in depth report will be printed in the Daily Planet.  And just as Clark turned the tables on Steve Lombard, the tale ends with Perry White blwoing smoke into Morgan Edge’s face.

The mutant kids return in a couple of years, in the pages of Action Comics, giving Perry White his super-cigars.


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