Superman 268 – Wild Weekend in Washington


Maggin, Swan and Bob Oskner single-handedly revive Batgirl’s career in the hugely popular Superman 268 (Oct. 73).


The story begins immediately following the conclusion of the previous issue of Action Comics, as Superman and Batman bring the Golden Eye to the Fortress of Solitude.  Clark has an assignment in Washington DC, and Batman suggests that he look up new Congresswoman Barbara Gordon.  Neither hero is aware that Gordon is, or should I say was, Batgirl.


Clark calls her up, and Barbara somewhat reluctantly agrees to a date, and they go to a reception for a senator.  While there, Clark manages to bore Babs, at least until he makes an off-hand remark to the senator about a secret project he should know nothing about (but does, as Superman).  Clark gets kidnapped shortly after dropping Barbara off, and goes along with it to find out what the bad guys are up to.


Unaware that Kent is Superman, Barbara Gordon decides it’s time to become Batgirl once more.  She had essentially retired upon getting elected, a way to end her series in Detective Comics, and basically write her out.


She manages to track down Clark, and winds up joining Superman as they face off against a spy organization, MAZE.  Superman has to move quickly to prevent Batgirl from figuring out that he is really Clark.


It’s a fun story from beginning to end (the end being a tease for a later tale, as Superman and Batman discover that the Golden Eye has gone missing), and was popular enough to warrant a follow up story with Batgirl the next year.  MAZE would become her arch nemesis through the 70s.


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One thought on “Superman 268 – Wild Weekend in Washington

  1. libra113 November 3, 2015 at 8:27 pm Reply

    I remember reading this in a greatest stories reprint digest as a kid. I remember it being pretty good and reading several such digests over the years yet, oddly, I never got into reading actual comics. No idea why. 🙂


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