Superman 273 – getting rid of the Golden Eye


Maggin, Swan and Vince Colletta bring a new hero to Metropolis in Superman 273 (March 1974).


The man is in possession of the Golden Eye, picking up that plot thread from a few issues ago.  He did not steal it as such, he constructed an attractor to draw magical items, and the Eye was caught up in that.  He now uses it for good deeds, and intends to be another hero alongside Superman.  And he does start off that way, almost putting Superman out of work.  But then a green slime starts gunking up the harbour, and Superman realizes this is mystical discharge, of a sort, left over by the use of the Golden Eye.


He tries to convince the man to stop using the Eye, but by then the magic has completely taken control of the guy’s mind, and he refuses to listen to Superman.


Superman leads the battle into space, to avoid injuring anyone, and basically tricks the man into a whip movement, which sends the Eye hurtling away.  Superman rescues the man, who really had no evil intent at all, and even gets him a job as a magician on WGBS.

And the Golden Eye is gone for good.


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