Superman 275 – Lola Barnett debuts


Bates, Swan and Colletta introduce a new member of the WGBS staff, Lola Barnett, in Superman 275 (May 1974).


Morgan Edge is very proud of his coup in luring the entertainment and gossip reporter from Hollywood.  Her name makes it fairly obvious (at the time) that she is based on tv reporter Rona Barrett, who she also resembles, to a degree.


The story puts her close to the centre, clearly trying to do what they did successfully with Steve Lombard.  But it’s really about her supposedly dead brother, who is secretly alive and a spy, and dealing with some giant killer dragonflies.


Yeah, the dragonflies is where is all goes wrong.  Superman saves the day and re-unites Lola with her brother, but she makes nowhere near the impression Lombard did in his debut.  She does not stick around nearly as long as he does, either.



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