Superman 277 – proving Clark is Superman, and Steve Lombard’s aunt


Great cover for Superman 277 (July 1974).


The story it refers to, by Maggin, Swan and Colletta, is exactly as the cover sets up.  A famous big game hunter comes to Metropolis, and decides his latest hunt will be for the biggest game in town – the secret of Superman’s identity.  He gets onto Clark Kent’s trail almost immediately.


It’s not a bad story, fun to see someone else trying their tricks to expose Clark.  The cover scene happens at the climax of the tale, but there is an air bag to catch him, which Clark saw. So he just stayed where he was and let the man fall.


Morgan Edge sends Clark Kent on a week’s vacation at the top of this Private Life of Clark Kent story, by Marty Pasko, Swan and Frank Giacoia.  But that isn’t really important, as the rest of the story all takes place that same evening.  Steve Lombard shows up at Clark’s apartment, with a lame story to explain why he suddenly needs a place to live.


In actuality, Steve wants to hide his bachelor pad apartment from his aunt, the famous mystery novelist Kaye Daye, once a semi-regular supporting character in the Batman books.  Kaye had last appeared in Jimmy Olsen’s comic in 1968.

The story gets decoyed into a crime drama with a pizza delivery boy being held captive, which is a bit of a shame.  The three characters on their own were providing enough entertainment.


After they stop the bad guys, Kaye reveals that she knows this is really Clark’s apartment, citing the giveaway clues, and drags Steve off to see his sleazy place.

Kaye Daye is next seen in the pages of Batman in 1978.


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