Superman 279 – Batgirl comes to Metropolis


Maggin, Swan and Phil Zupa bring Batgirl to Metropolis for a follow-up story in Superman 279 (Sept. 74).


While it’s not a bad story, it’s nowhere near as fun as Batgirl’s last appearance in these pages.  There is a plotline about terrorists demanding oil, but that’s secondary to a storyline that resembles the first teaming of Superman and Batman, as Barbara Gordon comes across evidence indicating that Clark Kent is Batman.


By far the best scene has Steve Lombard coming on to the Congresswoman, and getting taken down, literally.

I think what disappointed me was that there is no real continuation of the slight romance being built between the characters in their previous story. In this one, it is clear that Barbara and Clark are just friends.


Still, the story clearly sold well, and Batgirl was back in a few months, joining Supergirl in the pages of Superman Family.


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