Superman 285 – Whatever happened to Roy Raymond?


Maggin, Swan and Tex Blaisdel bring back Roy Raymond, TV detective in Superman 285 (March 1975).


Roy Raymond’s last appearance had been in Detective Comics in 1961, but this story adds a different final appearance, a challenge he made to expose a magician, before disappearing for years.  Superman has been hunting him, and even adopts another identity in his quest.  He can tell he must be getting close, as mysterious forces begin attacking him.


In an interesting subplot, Lola Barnett is challenged by Perry White to keep a secret for an entire week.  Lois, Clark and Steve Lombard all write down secrets, and Lola randomly grabs Clark’s.


As the story goes on, we see the evil magician – who is really more of a scientist, in control of Roy Raymond, and using him as a weapon against Superman.


While at the same time Clark Kent is standing up for himself against Steve Lombard.  How can this be?


The bad guy has “weaponized” Raymond’s analytical brain, but Superman overrides him with his super-brain, and frees Roy Raymond.


While Bruce Wayne is revealed, by Lola, to have been impersonating Clark Kent for the past week.  This part isn’t well explained, and doesn’t add much to the story.

Roy Raymond becomes a member of the WGBS staff, but his appearances are infrequent. He pops up next a few months down the road in Action Comics.


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