Superman 287 – Krypto falls in love


Issue 287 (May 1975) was the second issue of Superman that I bought as a kid.  I found the cover amusing, but the story inside, by Maggin, Swan and Oskner, failed to impress me then, as it does now.


Krypto is the main character of the tale, as the cover implies. Although not clearly stated, this story follows his appearances in the Green Arrow series in Action Comics a few months earlier, in which Krypto had lost his memory of who he was.  This story opens with that same situation, and the dog falling in love with a pedigreed female.


An explanation is finally given for his memory loss, with a brief flashback to a battle Krypto had with the Mindbreaker, which resulted in his amnesia.


Superman has a plotline that deals with some flame throwing thieves.  It’s really just there to allow him to run into Krypto, and restore his memory.


Once he has super-powers, the female dog is no longer interested, and Krypto flies away.  Superman does not seem concerned in any way, but then, he has Lois hanging off of his arm.

Krypto next appears in a solo story in Action Comics the following year.


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