Superman 290 – Coram returns, and Mr. Mxyzptlk likes Babel


Mr. Coram, a not terribly exciting villain, who had appeared the previous year in Action Comics, makes a return in Superman 290 (Aug. 75), in a story by Shooter, Swan and Blaisdel.


He and his associate have plans to kill Superman, which are overheard by a street cleaner with a particularly powerful hearing aid.  Somehow Coram and his friend remove Superman’s invulnerability.


No one will believe the street cleaner, so he bursts into the newsroom at the end of Clark’s broadcast to alert Superman.  Although they are no longer on the air, Clark of course hears what the man has to say.


You gotta give the street cleaner credit, he is so afraid of the plot against Superman succeeding that he disguises himself and almost gets killed.  But he also makes it easier for Superman to avoid the trap and capture Coram.


More fun is the back-up story, by Maggin, Swan and Blaisdel, which brings back Mr. Mxyzptlk.  After hearing the story of the Tower of Bable, the imp gets inspired to wreak havoc with language, causing people to speak in randomly changing foreign tongues.  Just to add to this, their accessories alter to the appropriate culture as well.


Sombrero-wearing Superman has to get Mxyzptlk so upset at people getting his name wrong that he winds up reading his backwards name.

Good for a laugh.


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