Superman 292 – Luthor’s origin retold


The origin of Lex Luthor, recently reprinted in an oversize Secret Origins of Super-Villains special, also gets a run-through in the Maggin, Swan and Oskner story from Superman 292 (Oct. 75).


Perry White and Roy Raymond cameo at the top of the story, and Luthor does have an evil scheme going in the present day, but this gets dealt with quickly and easily, as the bulk of the tale is a flashback, re-telling the events from his origin story. Lex and Clark becoming friends, and then Superboy and Lex.  The failed protoplasm experiment that costs Lex his hair.


While a number of scenes reprise the earlier story directly, there is also the addition of Lex’s family kicking him out – the basis for the story of Lena Thorul, the sister who is unaware of who her brother is.

Nothing special, but not bad.


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