Superman 298 – a world without Clark Kent


The cover of Superman 298 (April 1976) is somewhat deceptive – really, it would have been far more appropriate for the issue preceding this one, as Superman leaves his Clark Kent identity behind in the third part of the Mr. Xavier story, by Maggin, Bates, Swan and Oskner.


Superman is trying to decide which of his two lives is the more important, and intends to spend the week entirely as Superman, even though this means ditching Lois Lane, just as their relationship has begun to get serious.


And he sticks with it, even though Morgan Edge is upset over Clark’s disappearance, and the Inter-Gang boss might wind up going free if Clark is not there to testify at his trial.  But it’s Lois Lane’s concern that affects him the most.


We learn that this crisis of conscience is exactly what Xviar and his bosses were counting on, as Superman is so distracted with his personal life that he fails to realize what Xviar is up to.


Superman defeats Solarman, a one-shot baddie, but is that worth letting the Inter-Gang boss go free?

The story concludes in the next issue.


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