Superman 301 – Solomon Grundy comes to Metropolis


A great cover for Superman 301 (July 1976), this was the issue that inspired Brad Roberts to write about Solomon Grundy in the Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman’s Song.”


Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez join Bob Oskner as the creative team on this issue.  It picks up Solomon Grundy from his last appearance, in a Justice League/Justice Society crossover from 1972, wondering if there is an Earth-1 version of himself.


As Grundy traverses dimensions apparently through sheer force of will, Steve Lombard introduces Clark Kent to Terri Cross, a young woman with a huge crush on the newscaster, who will return in a number of stories in the next few years.


Grundy makes it to Metropolis, and hunts for his counterpart.  Superman has a very hard time dealing with the monster. He observes that he can barely lift Grundy.  Very odd, and this sort of implies that some changes have happened to him while crossing dimensions.  As well, Grundy somehow causes the streets of Metropolis to fill with swamp water and plants.  All these changes to the character, even his ability to cross dimensions, lead me to believe that Grundy somehow absorbed some of the magic from Green Lantern’s power bubble prison.


In the end, Superman disguises himself as another Grundy, the one he is hunting for, and lures him to the Moon, leaving him there.  The swamp waters begin to drain away – but that final panel proves to be more ominous than it seems.

Oh, almost forgot.  This story also sees the introduction of a new criminal group in Metropolis, Skull, although their nature and goals are not yet clear.


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