Superman 302 – a big, dumb Superman


Lex Luthor has big plans for Superman in issue 302 (Aug. 76).  As the cover implies, Superman wakes to find himself growing larger and larger in this tale by Maggin, Garcia-Lopez and Oskner.


Superman turns to Ray Palmer for help, but though the Atom can warn him of the consequences of his uncontrolled growth – that the neural passages will grow too large, making Superman stupid – he is unable to do anything to counter it.


Morgan Edge demands that Clark Kent get the story on Superman’s growth spurt, but Superman creates a giant set, and by moving at super-speed, gives the impression of both Superman and Clark being of normal height.


As for Luthor, he simply bides his time until Superman is large enough, and then moves in for the kill, with a dangerous looking propeller strapped to his back.


The Atom helps out in the end, as Superman brings Lex to the set built earlier, and cons him into thinking he is growing as well. Lex has the cure, which Superman takes away from him.

Nothing really special here, but a decent enough tale.


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