Superman 303 – Whirlcaine returns


Whirlcaine, introduced a few months earlier in Action Comics, returns in Superman 303 (Sept. 76) with some partners, Lightning and Thunder, in a story by Conway, Swan and Oskner.


Although Superman had put Whirlcaine in prison, he was released into the custody of STAR Labs to continue his research, under the director of lab, Albert Michaels.


His new minions, Lightning and Thunder, work as a team, but only one appears at any given time.


It’s not too much of a surprise to discover that they are one and the same person.


But it does come as a shock, especially to Lightning, when he discovers that he is not human.  He is an artificial life form, created by Whirlcaine, with the help of STAR Labs.  Lightning is not at all happy about this, and destroys himself and Whirlcaine in an explosive blast.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane has decided that maybe she is being too hard on Clark, and invites him for a candlelight dinner for two.


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