Superman 304 – the Parasite’s prism


The Parasite is back in Superman 304 (Oct. 76), spreading the hate around in a story by Conway, Swan and Oskner.


This story marks the first appearance in these pages of Jon Ross, the son of Pete Ross, as well as an entirely new character, Jenet Klyburn, a scientist at STAR Labs.  She has been giving a tour to Superman and Jon when an experiment goes haywire.  Albert Michaels pops up, none too happy about this, and fires Klyburn.


But the one responsible for the chaos is the Parasite.  He has acquired a prism, which he uses to control the energy he absorbs, to prevent the overloads that occurred the last couple of times he faced Superman.  But he is not aware that the prism also reflects the power he has taken into other people, along with his fanatical hatred of Superman.


Both Jon and Jenet are affected by the prism, but only go into attack mode when the Parasite is around.  This is kind of an added benefit, rather than a drawback.


Superman may not agree, but as he puts the situation together, he does realize that the Parasite must be close, if his friends are attacking him.


Superman simply has to goad the Parasite into an attack, then dive down and pull the prism off of him.  And once again, the Parasite overloads.

Superman does not bother to retrieve the prism, a bad mistake which he will come to regret.


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