Superman 306 – Bizarro’s new powers


Bizarro is back with a vengeance as his team-up with Toyman continues in Superman 306 (Dec. 76), by Pasko, Swan and Oskner.


Superman manages to get away from the Toyman, although Bizarro is still hot on his tail.  But Superman is able to calm him down enough to find out why he is back on Earth.  Bizarro believes that he has seen his world destroyed, and so has come to Earth to destroy Superman’s world and friends as well.  Or make new Bizarros.  He doesn’t seem to mind which.


But Superman has to show Bizarro that the duplicator ray at the museum that he intends to use is a fake, a mock-up.  Bizarro takes this as a personal insult, and uses his heat vision to…freeze Superman?


Bizarro then kidnaps Lois (gee, how retro) and bring her to the Fortress of Solitude where he can use her to make a new Bizarro Lois.  Superman follows, furious, as Bizarro made no effort to protect Lois against the elements and speed, and almost killed her.  Bizarro now has flame breath, instead of cold breath, and Superman begins to put all the pieces together.


In an action I am certain would not work, he takes Bizarro back to his landing place, and hits him really hard, which reverses his flight to Earth. It was, indeed, Bizarro who crashed into the Coliseum, not Superman.  And the meteor impact that gave Bizarro the hallucination that his world was destroyed has also permanently altered his powers.

The Toyman, now all regretful and depressed over his murders, once he learned that Bizarro was the one who trashed his stuff, turns himself in.

Looking at this story now, I see so many many plot holes, but as a kid it was my introduction to Bizarro, and I just loved it.


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