Superman 316 – Metallo and Skull


Metall gets a face mask, vastly improving his appearance, in the Pasko, Swan and Adkins story from Superman 316 (Oct. 77).  The story picks up directly from the last issue, as Superman shows Jenet Klyburn that the kryptonite found inside the dead Skull agents is fake.  But she has more bad news for him.  Metallo’s body has disappeared, as has STAR Labs director Albert Michaels.


Metallo is the easier one to find, as he goes out of his way to lure and taunt Superman.


Speaking of taunting, Morgan Edge continues to toy with Clark about the identity of his new co-anchor, but at least introduces him to Martin Korda, his new producer.


Superman winds up finding Metallo back at that troublesome volcano in the West Indies, and their fight gets pretty vicious.  Gotta love Superman impaling Metallo through his kryptonite heart with a stalactite.  But even that fails to stop the villain, who smacks Superman in the face with a bag of kryptonite pebbles, enough to take the hero down.

As the issue ends, we learn that Metallo has plans for a new heart.  Superman’s.

The story continues in the next issue.


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