Superman 317 – Metallo wants Superman’s heart


A great Neal Adams cover on Superman 317 (Nov. 77), for a story by Pasko, Swan and Adkins.


The pieces of the puzzle come together as we learn that Metallo was transformed into the creature he is by Skull agents, against his will.  Albert Michaels had been looting STAR Labs to supply their tech, including a matter teleporter, which Metallo stole, and has been using to kill Skull members by replacing their hearts with fake kryptonite.


A casual comment from Lois Lane, and a mistake by Martin Korda, make Clark realize that his new producer is really Metallo in disguise.


In a complicated switcheroo, Superman replaces a Skull agent with a dead Kandorian, so that Metallo winds up with a useless heart, and collapses.


Superman confirms that Metallo is Korda, but is not prepared when one of the Skull agents turns out to be Albert Michaels, who use the teleporter to escape.


As the issue ends we find out that the real Korda was kidnapped, but will be joining WGBS, and Morgan Edge is more than happy to finally reveal Clark Kent’s new co-anchor: Lana Lang.


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