Superman 321 – the Parasite overloads Superman


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte continue with the Parasite storyline in Superman 321 (March 1978).  I have only taken a couple of clips for this one, as the media library is almost full, and besides, the big scene looks much better on the cover than in the issue itself.  As Superman starts to trash the L.D.S. system, angry about not being informed, the military arrive to stop him.  The Parasite has been boosting his powers so much that he is all but out of control.


It’s Lois Lane who gets him to calm down, and take control of himself.  Love the panels that show his x-ray vision slowly going off.


Grundy continues to hang around, stuck between the cable cars as the Parasite brags about his plans to Superman.  He is not longer charging the hero up – instead he has been draining his powers.  The villain intends to take control of the laser satellites and use them for blackmail, and leaves a powerless Superman plunging to his death.


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