Superman 322 – what Solomon Grundy wants


Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte wind up the Parasite saga in Superman 322 (April 1978).


Superman survives his power-depleted fall simply by taking his boots off and pointing his feet towards the sun, gaining enough invulnerability to live, if not to be unharmed.  Perry White and Lois Lane get brushed off by the military, who are not very happy about Superman finding out about their laser system, even though he did hold off the invaders.


Superman and Parasite battle, but in a scene that we do not see, he rushes off at super-speed and gets Solomon Grundy on his side.  Grundy simply wanted to be able to fly, and thinks that Superman’s cape will make that happen.  Parasite is unable to draw energy from the unliving Grundy, and Superman crushes his prism, preventing him from manipulating anyone’s energies.


Superman takes this Solomon Grundy to another planet with low gravity, where he will be able to fly. This particular version of Solomon Grundy is not seen again.


While Superman tries to re-ignite his relationship with Lois Lane, now that she and Clark have called it quits, we also meet a one-armed general plotting against Superman.

He will return in a later story, but that will be covered in Babblings about DC Comics 4, cause the media library on this one is too close to full.


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