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Action 736 – forming a new Revenge Squad


Michelinie, Grummet and Rodier begin a new Superman Revenge Squad story in this issue, although not all the members pictured on the cover appear in Action 736 (Aug. 97).


Clark Kent spends the story trapped in a mine shaft. He was doing a story on it, when the owner decided to bury hos troubles and caused a cave in.  There are gasses, and he cannot change to Superman, as the electric burst could ignite them.  He does lead the others in tunnelling out.


They don’t appear to be very far in, as the mine owner is still outside when they get through.  Superman gets into blue eletricness to bring him in.


Throughout the issue we have also seen a shadowy man get Barrage a new gun arm, and recruit the Parasite and the Rock.  Luthor is eliminated as a suspect, simply because the Rock has seen this man’s face, and, were it Luthor, he would have tried to kill him, not work for him.

The Revenge Squad story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


Action 735 – Saviour comes back


Saviour busts out for another round of taking down phony Supermen in Action 735 (July 1997), by Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier.


Scorn has started a sort of relationship with Ashbury Armstrong, the blind daughter of Dirk Armstrong.


Saviour goes after Scorn at first, but Superman shows up, and the two face off against Murdoch.


Saviour takes on the powers of both heroes, which leaves him open to an energy drain by Superman.  Ramsey Murdoch is left drained, but gets away.

Action 734 – Superman and the Atom in Kandor


Superman is in Kandor in Action 734 (June 1997), by Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier.


The Atom has accompanied him.  Ray Palmer was de-aged by Extant, so this is the young and insecure Atom.  They find that Kandor’s society has broken down, since Tolos was removed as their leader.  There are still forces loyal to him, who are after Superman.  Superman and the Atom join with Faern, Scorn’s sister.


Back in Metropolis, Scorn is trying to take Superman’s place, and captures a new villain, the Rock, stopping another of his attempts to kill Luthor.


I love that, after all the changes Superman has gone through, the MSCU aren’t sure whether this is really him or not.


Superman gets captured by those loyal to Tolos.


Faern bluffs the guy into releasing Superman, telling him the Atom has entered his system, and will blwo him up from inside if he doesn’t.  That works.

Action 733 – Electric Superman hunts for answers, and for Metallo.


Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier continue the battle with Metallo that also sees the adoption of the new outfit, to contain Superman’s electric blue energy, in Action 733 (May 1997).


Metallo, who can now merge with and take over any metal object, adding it to his body, heads to an amusement park on a pier for this issue’s fight with Superman.


And as Metallo heads for the pier, Superman takes the time to consult with the Ray about his new powers.  The Ray can transform into light, and helps Superman understand some things, but cannot explain why Superman’s human form can now be injured, or possibly killed.


Scorn is still tracking Superman, and almost reaches him this time.


Jimmy Olsen runs into Emil Hamilton.  Hamilton and Kitty Faulkner had created the containment suit for Superman, and Jimmy smells ratings.  He heads off with Emil to chat.


Another body gone, but they’re easy to replace, as Metallo spider walks away, and into the conclusion of the storyline, in Superman – The Man of Steel.

Action 732 – Atomic Skull blasts Superman apart


Action 732 (April 1997) continues directly from the last issue of Adventures of Superman, as Atomic Skull blasts Superman, who dissolves into energy.


Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier have fun with the character, who is in fantasy state thinks that he has destroyed Dr. Electron.  As usual, he mistakes Lois for Zelda, the girlfriend of the Atomic Skull in the old film serial.


Superman has been turned into blue electricity, but retrieves his costume, and with focus and concentration, he can take human form.


Scorn begins his trek to Metropolis.  He emerged from Kandor in an earlier Superman book.


But Superman cannot use his new powers with any accuracy, they are as much a problem as the Atomic Skull.


Lois is the one to take the Skull down.  She gets rigged with a power damper, and gives him a loving hug, which traps him.



Action 731 – Cauldron returns


Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier bring back Cauldron for a second round in Action 731 (March 1997).


Cauldron is a robotic clone, and has the ability to absorb all energy exerted on it, it just makes him stronger.  This one speaks with a Russian accent.  Lois does some research as Superman fights, and discovers he bemoans the fall of the Soviet empire, and bought the plans for the suit.  Cadmus insists they knew nothing of the plans being stolen.


Dan Turpin has been standing alongside Superman throughout the long battle.


Superman finally pulls Cauldron down to Earth’s core, leaving him there.


Action 730 – The Superman Revenge Squad debuts


An old name, but a new line-up and concept, as Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier introduce the Superman Revenge Squad in Action 730 (Feb. 97).


The group has been formed by a mysterious man, who remains in the shadows throughout the issue. Maxima is the big name in the grouping, and Barrage the unimpressive name. Misa, Riot and Anomaly had all been introduced in the Superman books within the last couple of month.  Each has very different motives for being on the team, and want different things out of it.


Clark has become editor, while Perry is recuperating.  He proves himself capable of handling the stresses.  Dirk Armstrong is the one significant new staff member, brought onto the paper to express the right-wing view.


Their first assault goes very well, with Maxima leading the squad.  Misa is disappointed that they got Superman on the ropes so fast, and intentionally screws up Maxima’s powers.


Things start to fall apart, but the mystery man gets the team back on track.


Misa makes up for her earlier actions by globbing a  solar-energy blocker on Superman, and the group encircle him.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.