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Action 711 – Superman vs Conduit


Michelinie, Guice and Rodier add another chapter to the Death of Clark Kent in Action 711 (July1995), as Conduit puts Superman into a robotic fantasy version of Smallville for their final battle.


Lois Lane is still on the run, as are Ma and Pa Kent.  Everyone thinks everyone else is dead, which makes the scene where Lois and the Kents are both at the same gas station at the same time, but do not realize it, somewhat entertaining.


After putting Superman through a childish fantasy, in which everyone in Smallville loves Kenny and hates Clark, Conduit faces off with Superman in the football stadium.


Conduit is so determined to kill Superman that he overloads his own suit, and simply kills himself.

But just because Conduit is dead, that doesn’t mean this storyline is over.



Action 710 – hunting Lois Lane


Michelinie, Guice and Rodier serve up another chapter in the Death of Clark Kent story arc, a really weak attempt to re-do the Death of Superman, as Conduit goes after Clark and his family and friends in Action 710 (June 1995).


Superman spends the issue fighting with Metallo, who has been provided with a new body by Conduit.


Lois is being pursued by Conduit’s Pipeline associates.  She contacts Dan Turpin, who gets into his big  purple robot suit again.


But the Pipeline rig the suit with a bomb, which explodes just as Turpin reaches Lois.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.

Action 709 – Guy Gardner attacks Superman


How easy it is to forget there was a period when Guy Gardner was half-alien, and had horrible tattoos and super-powers, and called himself Warrior.  But then one comes across Action 709 (April 1995), and the bad memories come flooding back.


There isn’t really much to this story, by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier.  Guy Gardner comes to Metropolis, and his powers go out of control when they “sense” an alien threat.  Guy assumes this is Superman, and they fight.


The police track down and arrest Ramsey Murdoch in this issue. We discover that he is still somewhat under Brainiac’s spell, still seeing the phony body of Superman in the tomb.


Dan Turpin gets into the action, joining Superman as he struggles with Guy Gardner.  Eventually they encase him in ice.  Guy’s plotline continues in the next chapter of his own book, Guy Gardner:Warrior.


The issue does end on a good, creepy note, as Clark comes home to find dozens of postcards, announcing that someone knows his secret.

Action 708 – Superman and Mr. Miracle get trapped


Superman and Mr. Miracle team-up in a two-part story that begins in Action 708 (March 1995).  The story marks the return of Deathtrap, although the villain does not appear until the final panel.


Lois Lane is writing the story on Ramsey Murdoch’s murders, and receives a note from him, in which he first calls himself Saviour.


While at a ceremonial ribbon cutting, Superman gets taken and teleported away.


A similar thing happens to Mr. Miracle, as he and Big Barda are relaxing on New Genesis.


They work together to avoid a series of deadly traps, but in this issue, have no idea who is behind this, or what is going on.  Have to wait for the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel for all that to be made clear.


And in a brief scene, someone breaks free of Stryker’s Island prison.  It’s Conduit, but that isn’t clear in this story either.


Action 707 – Superman pulls Shadowdragon’s tassel


Michelinie, Guice and Rodier pit Superman against Shadowdragon, a modern ninja in Action 707 (Feb.95).


Shadowdragon had already encountered Superman in his own book, but this marks his first appearance in Action.


A thief, rather than a killer, Savitar uses his ninja skills to steal technology for his nation, Bhutran.


Ramsey Murdoch appears in this issue as well, murdering a scandal-ridden senator.


Superman and Shadowdragon fight when Superman catches him breaking into a computer firm.  Shadowdragon does not fight to beat Superman, simply to get away, and achieves that.


The character is basically a ninja Robin Hood, and returns shortly.

Action 706 – Supergirl at the country fair


Supergirl gets to star in Action 706 (Jan. 95).  She is living in Smallville, with the Kents, and joins them as they head to the county fair in this story by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier.


A an angry ex-employee sabotages a hi-tech tractor that is going to be displayed.


Clark is heading out for the fair, and Perry White decides to accompany him.  Clark is not thrilled, but winds up entranced by the events Perry has lived through and covered.


Supergirl fights off the evil tractor, and captures the bad guy.  From here, she moves into a two issue lead feature in Showcase 95.


Action 705 – the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit vs Superman

act_705 Dead Again nears its conclusion in Action 705 (Dec. 94), by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier. act_705_003 Superman has stolen the corpse, and run every test on it that he can think of, but all evidence proves that it’s the body of Superman. act_705_001 This story also introduces Ramsey Murdoch, a serial killer who would eventually get the name Saviour. act_705_002 Superman is finding it very hard to tell what is real or not, and after all his rampages and attacks, Dan Turpin gets into a giant robot to confront Superman. act_705_004 Superman makes quick work of the robot, and almost kills Maggie Sawyer. act_705_005 Mxyzptlk, who had been my chief suspect in this, pops up to stop him from killing her.  Mxyztplk is having a lot of fun watching Superman fall apart, but he is not the mastermind behind this. act_705_006 The reader had already been made aware that Brainiac is the mover behind this scheme, and his mental powers prove greater than Orion and Lightray’s ability to withstand them.